T-Shirts and other textiles in the SMA include a range of  LGBTQI-related themes. Most of the t-shirts are from the LGBTQI Movement in the post-Stonewall years. Some of the t-shirts were created using original art and text for organizations, events, protests, and to celebrate Pride marches. Our T-Shirt Collection holds many Pride march t-shirts, including most of the t-shirts from Northampton Pride as well as those from other U.S. cities. We also have t-shirts from the Northampton Trans Pride March, early lesbian-feminist shirts, a Transsexual Menace t-shirt, and even a dashiki worn by a Black lesbian in the 1960s. Download the catalog of our textiles holdings.

Textiles include: cloth banners carried in LGBTQI protest and Pride marches, articles of clothing, homemade hand bags, jackets, wall hangings, and more.