The SMA collects LGBTQI music in all forms, including cassette tapes, vinyl 45 rpm records and LP albums, CDs, and mp3s. Our music holdings preserve the artistic expressions of our diverse communities. These materials are both for researchers to learn about LGBTQI music and for casual browsers to listen to for personal enjoyment. Some highlights of music holdings in the SMA include:


A shelf containing records and cassette tapes in the media room.

• A complete set of vinyl albums from Olivia Records, renowned lesbian and feminist record label
• Music produced by Old Lady Blue Jeans, a lesbian feminist recording company based in Northampton, Massachusetts in the 1970s and 1980s
• Vinyl record albums and CDs that capture queer music from the 1920s-1930s
• Both mainstream and independent LGBTQI recording artists

View the catalog of the SMA’s Music Holdings. In addition, the SMA’s Media area also houses music preserved in cassette tapes and VHS tapes.