Support the Archives

There are many ways in which you can support the Sexual Minorities Archives including:

  1. Financial Contributions
  2. Become a Member of the SMA
  3. Volunteering Your Time or Expertise
  4. Donating Books or Archival Material

Financial Contributions

Become a Member of the Sexual Minorities Archives, and sustain our work with monthly donations.

Donate Online: Use your credit card to quickly and securely make a donation online through PayPal, where you can set up an automatic monthly contribution!

Donate by Mail:  Please make your check payable to: SMEF, Inc. and mail it to:
SMEF, Inc. / SMA
PO Box 6579
Holyoke, MA 01041-6579

Include our mail-in financial contributions form when you send us  your check, money order, or credit card information. We prefer that you do not mail cash. Please indicate if you need a receipt for the purpose of taking a tax deduction. The Sexual Minorities Educational Foundation (SMEF), Inc. is a federal 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Bequests: Please contact us directly if you wish to include us in your will.  SMA will happily work with you. Please email us for information.

Other Ways to Financially Support the SMA:

  • Check with your workplace to see if they have a matching grant program and sign up for that.
  • See if your organization gives grants and let us know how to apply.
  • Ask your friends and relatives to contribute!
  • Make us the recipient of your wedding or birthday party donations if you don’t want to receive presents at this time in your life.
  • Host a fundraiser on behalf of the SMA. Some ideas include:
    • Dinner Parties
    • Rent Parties: Throw a party to raise money to pay for one month of rent ($400) to help house the SMA
    • Film Nights: Gather friends at your house to watch a LGBTQI movie. Let us know if you’d like to borrow one from the SMA!
    • Commit to “passing the hat” at an event or meeting and donate the proceeds to SMEF, Inc. for the SMA.

Volunteering Your Time or Expertise

See the SMA Current Project List here for specific volunteer needs.

Since its beginning, the SMA has always relied on volunteers and interns to support the Archives in various ways.

Volunteers and interns at the SMA staff the Archives and do all the day-to-day work of keeping the Archives functioning: filing, processing periodicals and cataloging books, clipping newspaper and magazine articles, preserving archival materials, responding to research requests and reference questions, arranging and giving tours of the SMA, co-guiding LGBTQ history walking tours, processing special collections, conducting original research for the SMA, and a myriad other tasks. In addition,  any volunteer, at any time, may take on a responsibility or special project that interests them. This can range from filing and copying to gardening or repair work. It may be a one-day or one week project or one that goes on for months. No time commitment is too short or too long to benefit the SMA.

Whether you are interested in processing  archival materials, working on a historical research project, or producing a fundraiser, there is something for everyone at the SMA to do. There is no limit to the creative ways in which you can benefit the LGBTQI communities through your work at the SMA.

Click to learn more about the work of past interns and volunteers. If you are interested in interning or volunteering with the SMA please contact us.

Donating Books or Archival Material

The SMA is always looking for new material to add to our archival collections. The materials should be by or about LGBTQI people and can include any of the following types. The material can be new or gently used or, in some cases, may be rare or historic.

  • Books (all genres)
  • Periodicals (magazines, newspapers, newsletters)
  • Multimedia (DVDs, CDs, VHS and cassette tapes, vinyl records and vinyl albums)
  • Art (paintings, drawings, illustrations, poster art, sculpture)
  • Textiles (banners, signs, wall hangings, articles of clothing, hand bags)
  • Personal Collections (letters, diaries, manuscripts, book drafts, poems, clippings)
  • Organizational Collections (internal papers of any LGBTQI non-profit or business)