Welcome to the Sexual Minorities Archives (SMA), a project of the Sexual Minorities Educational Foundation Inc., and one of the oldest and largest collections of LGBTQIA+ historical documents, media, and artifacts in the world. The SMA is proud to have served our Queer community for over 43 years with FREE access to vital archival materials. Please browse the menu links above to find out more about who we are and what we do, as well as how to support our projects or get involved!


The Pink Lady, home of the SMA.

Within our space in Holyoke, Massachusetts, the SMA is expanding: We have acquired The Leslie Feinberg Library, a collection of 1,250 books which were the late author and activist Leslie Feinberg’s personal research library. We are also excited to announce the acquisition of Out Books On Wheels, a grassroots LGBTQIA FREE lending library that operates out of the SMA in Holyoke and is available to all LGBTQIA people and our allies. These collections have enriched the research, educational, and entertainment offerings of the SMA, and we can’t wait to share them with you — all at no charge! (Donations are always appreciated.)

Our Mission

At the SMA, we vow through our work that all individuals who are part of gender and sexual minorities communities will never again have their voices silenced by the indifferent and hostile forces within our society, and seek to recover and preserve the voices of LGBTQIA persons from throughout our history. We work to especially include the voices of LGBTQIA people of color, and strive for an intersectional approach to our queer activism that reflects the nuanced and varied experiences of members of our communities over time.

In the wake of the devastating tragedy in Orlando–a premeditated act of violence in which 49 primarily queer and Latinx individuals and their allies were murdered–we mourn and rededicate ourselves to the work of education, preservation, community building, and amplification of the voices of those who have been lost and of those who continue to fight. We hope that you will join us in our efforts to ensure that LGBTQIA people never again endure the silence and violence that seek to erase us.

Welcome Home to the Archives!


Photos inside the Pink Lady by Caitlin Shea, SMA volunteer.